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So, My two brothers and I used to always pop popcorn and watch tv. We used to go into my mom’s kitchen and use up all of her butter and sugar trying to make sweet popcorn. We’ve had the experience of burning up popcorn, about to set the house on fire, and throwing away popcorn. We continued to work to perfect the ingredients and or taste of all flavors over the years. Brother CJ moved to Chicago and started what’s popping up there. Myself and brother Charlie have just started Watz Poppin here in the city of Bartlett, Tn. Right now we currently have about 20-30 different flavors of popcorn. (Some are seasonal items-depending on the Holidays). We can (POP) your popcorn parties as well, call for prices, etc. birthday, weddings, super bowl, anniversary, kid theme parties/colors, and any other parties you plan to have. We can create a popcorn flavor for you as well, call for pricing. We have never given up on our dreams to have a Gourmet Popcorn Shop!!!

Please feel free to visit us at 5728 stage road, Bartlett, Tn
Call us 901-443-5138